Arma 3 is free to play for the weekend

If you're the sort of shooter fan who looks upon a game like Day of Infamy as too casual to bother with even when it's free, you'll be happy to know that Arma 3, Bohemia Interactive's realistic modern combat FPS, is also free to play this weekend on Steam

The freebie actually started a few hours ago, and will run until 10 am PT/1 pm ET on April 30. It includes the full base game, with all "vanilla" weapons and vehicles, plus the Scenario Editor, all multiplayer modes, and the Bootcamp Prologue and The East Wind single-player campaigns.   

Arma 3 is also on sale for 66 percent off, cutting it to $14/£10/€12 for the base game or $24/£15/€20 for the Apex Edition. Most of the DLC is marked down as well, including the civilian-themed Laws of War, which recently raised $177,000 for the Red Cross. 

Bohemia also released a new Arma 3 infographic today revealing that war may be hell, but it's also pretty popular. 

Andy Chalk

Andy has been gaming on PCs from the very beginning, starting as a youngster with text adventures and primitive action games on a cassette-based TRS80. From there he graduated to the glory days of Sierra Online adventures and Microprose sims, ran a local BBS, learned how to build PCs, and developed a longstanding love of RPGs, immersive sims, and shooters. He began writing videogame news in 2007 for The Escapist and somehow managed to avoid getting fired until 2014, when he joined the storied ranks of PC Gamer. He covers all aspects of the industry, from new game announcements and patch notes to legal disputes, Twitch beefs, esports, and Henry Cavill. Lots of Henry Cavill.