Arma 3 brings out the guerrillas in new community guide

Our companion to most things Arma 3 over the last year, Andrew "Dslyecxi" Gluck, is back with another patented community guide. This time, we're treated to tactics in the military sim that favor the off-beat, underdog approach of guerrilla warfare.

In Arma 3, it's the conventional forces who get to carry the biggest sticks—the heavy armor, air support, and latest technology. Guerrilla troops offer different advantages and disadvantages in the kind of asymmetrical encounter that often takes place when they make a raid on better outfitted soldiers, as Gluck explains in the video below.

"Surprise is essential," Gluck says. "The shock of sudden unexpected contact gives the guerrillas an advantage that takes time for the conventional force to properly react to ... Surprise is so significant in fact, that many operations should be outright aborted if it isn't achieved. There's nothing worse than trying to ambush a convoy that knows you're there, and is choosing to bring heavy weapons to the fight to counter you with."

Our sim of the year for 2013, previous community guides have tackled topics such as sniping , helicoptering , and general infantry and vehicle teamwork. And beyond the helpful strategies, the videos are all great theater from one of the most stunningly beautiful, player-driven experiences of recent years. You can find the full rundown of Arma 3 community guide videos here .