ARMA 2 gets awesome Ghost Recon mod, war movie

A modder has painstakingly recreated every mission from Ghost Recon: Island Thunder in ARMA 2. ARMA 2 player Fatal Papercut was such a fan of the maps that he decided to film a crack team as they played through the missions. The result is a pair of videos that perfectly capture the authenticity, and sense of tension that make ARMA's skirmishes great. You'll find the second mission, Jaguar Maze below.

You can download the Island Thunder maps from Armaholic . If you fancy jumping into ARMA 2, the PC Gamer ARMA 2 community meets most Saturdays. We may not be as organised as the team in the video above, but there's still plenty of drama, courtesy of rogue volcanoes and magnificent battle buses . To join, simply swing by the ARMA 2 section of our forums and say hello.

Tom Senior

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