ARMA 2: Army of the Czech Republic DLC will add new army, new guns, new missions

Arma 2 DLC

As attendees stumble shell-shocked away from the underwhelming assault of godless noise that was the Microsoft E3 2012 press conference, Bohemia quietly announce that they're preparing a new expansion pack for ARMA 2. It's called Army of the Czech Republic, which will add said army, along with an armoury of "authentic weapons," new weapons and some summery new environments in the invented regions of Bystrica and Bukovina. It's due out Autumn this year, requires Operation Arrowhead or Combined Forces to run, and is available to pre-order now from the Bohemia Interactive store .

Get an early peak with these lovely new screenshots, in an aspect ratio that time forgot. Click to see them become relatively enormous and peruse the feature list below, at your leisure.

-Czech Army - Bolster the Arma sandbox with a range of authentic Czech Army units and vehicles, including the L-159 Alca, Pandur II, and Dingo infantry mobility vehicle

-Authentic Weapons - Pick from a range of new weapons, including those developed with Česká Zbrojovka a.s.: CZ 805 BREN, CZ Scorpion EVO III and CZ 75 PHANTOM

-Diverse Missions - Deploy across 15 new missions in the singleplayer campaign, scenarios and procedural template gameplay modes

-Verdant Environments - Explore the two new summer-season terrains: Bystrica and Bukovina

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