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Arctic Cooling unveils quiet dual-fan CPU air cooler with 10 year warranty

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Arctic Cooling's new Bionix fan line and Freezer 33 Esports Edition air cooler are unique in that none of the products feature RGB lighting, a rarity these days. However, they do bring a bit of bling with various color options, including red, white, green, and yellow trim.

Starting with the fans, the Bionix come in 120mm (Bionix F120) and 140mm (Bionic F140) sizes. These are PWM fans that can spin anywhere from 200 to 1,800 RPM, powered by a low-noise motor for quiet operation.

"The newly developed, whisper-quiet 3-phase motor guarantees long gaming sessions without annoying noise. Due to the low coil temperature, the service life of the Bionix case fans is four times longer and we extend the warranty to 10 years," says Magnus Huber (opens in new tab), CEO of Arctic.

These fans can be found on the Arctic Cooling's new Freezer 33 Esports Edition. The CPU cooler comes with two of the 120mm variants in a push-pull configuration. Combined with offset heatpipes and included MX-4 thermal paste, Arctic Cooling says it has a cooling capacity of to 320W, though recommends topping out at 210W TDP applications.

The new cooler supports Intel's 2066, 2011v3, and 115x sockets, and AMD's AM4 socket. Like the fans, it is backed by a lengthy 10-year warranty.

Arctic Cooling did not say when any of these products will be available or how much they will cost. As a point of reference, its Freezer 33 Plus (opens in new tab) with dual fans carries a $50 MSRP.

Paul Lilly
Paul Lilly

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