Architects EP: a free collection of games, songs and general weirdness

Tom Sykes correctly identified Architects EP as containing some of the week's best free games , but, as a fan of Braingale's previous Brain Theatre EP , their follow-up project seemed worthy of some extra attention.

Architects EP is another round-up of short-form games from the indie collective, this time interspersed with music albums and a rather charming train-based animation. All of it is available, for free, as a zip file full of weird experiments and inventive prototypes .

Having perused a few of the included games, some favourites have emerged. In ^, you alternate between 'action' and 'build' phases to climb to the top of a tower. Open a chest or destroy an obstacle in the action phase, and you'll be rewarded with cards for the build phase. These provide new structures and power-ups, which can be placed down to help complete the next action sequence. It makes for a somewhat tactical platformer, in which you're trying to balance steady progress against a desire to save and manage resources.

Marble Safari, meanwhile, is on the more eccentric side of the Braingale spectrum. In it, you must discover, research and catalogue the ecosystem of an alien planet. You do this by navigating a marble into the various flora and fauna; uncovering the workings of its wildlife through the destruction of your rolling rock.

Head here to see the full EP. You can either download it whole, or individually investigate its distinct parts.

Phil Savage

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