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A guide to all 19 Apex Legends guns

When you hit the ground running in Kings Canyon and scramble to find your first weapon, it can be tough to pick a winner and even tougher to end as one. I’m here to walk you through the rolodex of Apex firepower and run down the facts you need to know about each gun in Apex Legends. Below you'll find a breakdown of how much damage each weapon dishes out, what attachments they support, and what ammo they use.

More importantly, I'll tell you how they shoot, so you can pick the one that best matches your playstyle. Here's what you need to know about all 19 guns in Apex Legends.

What are the best Apex legends guns?

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Respawn has had a light touch with its patches and nerfs so far, but there are still a few standout picks at the Apex Legends bullet buffet.

The Wingman is a versatile magnum, sending out 45-damage body shots and 90 damage to the head, while retaining accuracy between shots and even functioning well when hip-fired. It doesn't need a bunch of attachments to realize this power, and can be a great secondary weapon at all ranges. The recent change in capacity to 4 rounds from 6 could have an impact on the Wingman’s reliability in all but the most experienced hands, however. Every bullet is precious.

Consensus is that the R-301 Carbine is the best assault rifle. Though it has the lowest damage per-shot of Apex's ARs, it has the most manageable recoil in the game, and headshots out to 300m. With a 2X HCOG slapped on it can be a great mid-range choice that still controls well enough to lay into someone up close. 

With the M600 Spitfire the big advantage is the staggering amount of sustained fire you can achieve, since the weapon is actually easier to control after the first few shots. The recently reduced 18 body/36 headshot damage profile is still good, and a well controlled spray can still evaporate a closely packed squad on a single mag. Although the Devotion's accelerating DPS can surprise enemies, the scarcity of energy ammo and the rarity of the level 4 (gold) Turbocharger makes the Spitfire a safer all-around choice.

The R99 fires at a truly dizzying pace, emptying all 18 shots in a single second. The short range burst of damage is second only to the Devotion (which requires a Turbocharger and doesn’t hip-fire nearly as well), but can be challenging to keep on target well enough to feel that damage. If you can master the S-shaped recoil pattern and don’t mind its short reach, this is an excellent choice.

Both the Peacekeeper and the EVA-8 are worthy pickups for similar reasons. The EVA packs less of a punch at only 7 body/10 headshot vs. the Peacekeeper’s 10 body/15 headshot, but the neat 'figure eight' pattern of its pellets is more reliable than the star shape of the Peacekeeper. Both shotguns are worth using, the Peacekeeper for its single-shot stopping power (the Precision Choke hop-up can also tighten the spread, allowing it to do serious damage at range), and the EVA for ease of use. 

Changes in patch 1.1.1 (April 16) have pushed for a better long-range game, with the Longbow DMR, G7 Scout, and Triple Take all receiving a blanket reduction in aim sway and sway speed. Their leg shot damage reduction has also been dialed back from 25% to 10%, so leg hits will do more damage. All three have merits as a choice for the sniper in your squad now, though we feel the G7 Scout may be the most forgiving. 

Assault rifles

R-301 Carbine

A rapid fire, full-auto assault rifle that can also fire in single-shot mode. It’s highly accurate, with a recoil profile that spreads vertically up and slightly to the right. You get 18 bullets per magazine.

Damage: 14 for a body shot, 28 for a headshot.
Attachments: Mag, optic, stock, and barrel attachments.
Ammo type: Light ammo


The first assault rifle to use energy ammo - the Havoc has a half-second wind up time before the first bullet. The Havoc is also the first gun to have two possible hop-up attachments. The Turbocharger removes the half-second wind up, making the Havoc far more reliable in head to head duels. The Selectfire Receiver gives the Havoc a special single-shot charge mode which eats up 5 energy ammo per shot, but turns the shot into hitscan with damage fall-off—the only gun in Apex Legends with these attributes.

Damage: 18 per body shot, 36 per headshot.
Attachments: Optic, stock, and hop-up (Selectfire Reciever & Turbocharger) attachments.
Ammo type: Energy Ammo 

VK-47 Flatline 

A fully-automatic rifle that’s more powerful than the R-301 Carbine, but has more recoil. It also has a single-fire mode, and fires 20 bullets per magazine. 

Damage: 16 per body shot, 32 per headshot.
Attachments: Mag, optic and scope attachments.
Ammo type: Heavy Ammo

Hemlock Burst AR 

An assault rifle that fires a three-round burst by default, with slight vertical recoil during each burst. You can also switch it to a single-shot mode. At 36 damage for a headshot, it’s the highest damage assault rifle in Apex Legends. 

Damage per bullet: 18 per body shot, 36 per headshot.
Attachments: Mag, optic, stock, barrel attachment.
Ammo type: Heavy Ammo


R-99 SMG

A rapid-fire, low damage SMG that fires 18 rounds per magazine. 

Damage: 12 per body shot, 18 per headshot.
Attachments: Mag, optic, stock, and barrel attachments.
Ammo type: Light ammo 

Alternator SMG 

A full-auto twin-barrel SMG with slight vertical recoil. It fires 16 rounds per magazine.

Damage: 13 per body shot, 19 per headshot.
Attachments: Mag, optic, stock, and barrel attachments.
Ammo type: Light ammo.

Prowler Burst PDW 

A burst-fire SMG that fires five shots per burst, with 20 bullets in each magazine. You can equip it with a Selectfire Receiver hop-up attachment, which will let you fire in full-auto mode. Looks like a P90.

Damage per bullet: 14 per body shot, 21 per headshot.
Attachments: Mag, optic, stock, and hop-up (Selectfire Receiver) attachments.
Ammo type: Heavy ammo 


RE-45 Auto 

A low-damage, rapid-fire automatic pistol with a recoil pattern that spreads vertically and curves to the right. Each magazine carries 15 light ammo rounds.

Damage: 11 per body shot, 16 per headshot.
Attachments: Barrel, mag, and optic attachments.
Ammo type: Light ammo 


A light pistol with 10 rounds per magazine. It has very little recoil when fired rapidly.

Damage: 14 per body shot, 21 per headshot.
Attachments: Optic and mag attachments.
Ammo type: Light ammo 


This magnum is a single-shot revolver that packs a punch. At 90 damage per headshot it’s by far the most powerful pistol, although it’s slow firing, and you’ll need to wait for the recoil to reset between shots. You can attach the Skullpiercer Rifling hop-up attachment to further boost headshot damage.

Damage: 45 per body shot, 90 per headshot.
Attachments: Optic, mag and hop-up (Skullpiercing Rifling) attachments.
Ammo type: Heavy ammo


Devotion LMG

An energy ammo LMG with a fire rate that speeds up the more bullets you squeeze off at a time. It has high recoil (up and to the left), but you can equip it with a Turbocharger hop-up attachment to make it more stable. It shoots 44 rounds per magazine.

Damage: 17 per body shot, 34 per headshot.
Attachments: Barrel, optic, stock, and hop-up (Turbocharger) attachments.
Ammo type: Energy ammo

M600 Spitfire

A fully-auto LMG that fires heavy ammo. It deals more damage than the Devotion, but doesn’t fire as fast. Its recoil spreads vertically, then left, then to the right.

Damage: 20 per body shot, 40 per headshot.
Attachments: Stock, optic, mag and barrel attachments.
Ammo type: Heavy ammo

Sniper rifles

G7 Scout

As the only sniper rifle that takes light bullets, the G7 Scout is also the lowest-damage sniper in the game, dealing 60 damage per headshot. Each magazine holds ten rounds, and it has a built-in compass on its back display that tells you which direction you’re facing.

Damage: 30 per body shot, 60 per headshot.
Attachments: Stock, optic, mag and barrel attachments.
Ammo type: Light ammo

Longbow DMR

A slow-firing semi-automatic sniper. It spits out fewer bullets per second than the G7 Scout, but does more damage thanks to its heavy ammo. Slap on the Skullpiercer Rifling hop-up attachment for extra brain damage.

Damage: 55 per body shot, 110 per headshot.
Attachments: Stock, optic, mag, barrel, and hop-up (Skullpiercer Rifling) attachments.
Ammo type: Heavy ammo

Triple Take

One of Apex's more interesting guns, this is an energy sniper that fires three shots in a horizontal line with a small spread—you can reduce the spread further by attaching the Precision Choke, which gives you a tighter grouping when you aim down sights. Its fire rate is comparable to the Longbow DMR’s, but it does far more damage. You can fire five times per magazine.

Damage per bullet: 23 per body shot (69 if you connect with all three rounds), 46 per headshot (up to 138 per squeeze of the trigger).
Attachments: Stock, optic, and hop-up (Precision Choke) attachments.
Ammo type: Energy Ammo


EVA-8 Auto

A drum-mag automatic shotgun with a steady fire rate that fires nine bullets per spread. Its recoil spreads slightly up and to the left.

Damage per bullet: 7 per body shot (63 for a full spread), 10 per headshot (up to 90 per spread).
Attachments: Mag and optic attachments.
Ammo type: Shotgun ammo


The slowest of the three, the Peacekeeper is a lever-action shotty that needs to be reset after every trigger pull. It fires 11 pellets in a star-shaped spread, and you can reduce the size of that spread with the Precision Choke hop-up attachment—when it's attached, you'll notice your gun charging when you aim down sights. When you fire, the spread will be tighter than usual. 

An important note with the Peacekeeper, similar to the EVA-8—other than using the Precision Choke (or a Digital Threat), there’s no advantage to using ADS, as the Peacekeeper has pretty much the exact same spread when hip-firing.

Damage per bullet: 10 per body shot (110 for a full spread), 15 per headshot (up to 165 per spread).
Attachments: Mag, optic and hop-up (Precision Choke) attachments.
Ammo type: Shotgun ammo

Mozambique Shotgun 

Already being mocked and memed as the worst gun in the game, the Moz is a triple-barrel shotgun pistol that fires three bullets in a triangular spread. It needs to be reloaded every three shots.

Damage per bullet: 15 per body shot (45 for a full spread), 22 per headshot (up to 66 per spread).
Attachments: Mag and optic attachments.
Ammo type: Shotgun ammo

Legendary weapons 

The two weapons below are found only in supply drops, and will not accept regular ammo types.

Mastiff Shotgun 

A powerful semi-automatic shotgun that fires eight bullets in a spread. It deals a huge 36 damage per bullet—that’s a maximum of 288 if you land all bullets in a headshot.

Damage per bullet: 18 per body shot (144 for a full spread), 36 per headshot (up to 288 per spread).
Attachments: No attachments.
Ammo type: Legendary ammo (non-replenishable)

Kraber .50-Cal Sniper

A legendary bolt-action sniper rifle that comes equipped with a variable optic scope that you can switch between 6x and 10x zoom. Noteworthy is how slow the Kraber is to operate: it requires bolting between each shot, then a magazine reload after four rounds are expended. 

Damage: 125 per body shot, 250 per headshot.
Attachments: No attachments.
Ammo type: Legendary ammo (non-replenishable)


Attachments provide weapon bonuses, such as improved handling or increased headshot damage. There are five main types of attachments:

  • Stock attachments: Improve weapon handling, letting you swap between weapons quicker. They also reduce aim drift while aiming down sites.
  • Barrel attachments: Reduce recoil
  • Magazine attachments: Increase ammo capacity. Reload after equipping to 'reset' the magazine. Shotgun bolts boost your rate of fire.
  • Optic attachments: Add an optic sight or scope to your weapon. They come in varying levels of zoom, and the Digital Threat versions will outline enemies in red.
  • Hop-up attachments:  Unique attachments that are only available for a handful of weapons. They include chokes—which reduces projectile spread, giving you a tighter grouping and increasing your effective range— the Turbocharger, which reduces wind-up time before firing, Select Fire, which allows you to use alternate fire modes like fully automatic or a charged shot, and Skullpiercer Rifling, which increases headshot damage. 

In addition, attachments have different rarities, from level 1 (white) up to level 4 (gold). With Optics and Hop-up attachments, these are just to show how rare they are, since they only come in the one version—a Skullpiercer Rifling will always be level 3 (purple) and an HCOG Classic will always be level 1 (white)—but stocks, barrels, and magazines can come in the full range, with each step up providing a small boost to what it adds to your gun.