Apex Legends Season 7: Everything we know

Apex Legends Season 7
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What can we expect from Apex Legends Season 7? With a new character, map, and vehicles on the way, the next season of the Apex Games is packed with lots of exciting new stuff. Horizon is ready to put her brilliant astrophysicist mind to the test in the arena, and there's a huge new map to explore: Olympus.

It won't be long until we're speeding through the new floating city using Apex's Trident vehicles, and it's almost time to begin grinding through another battle pass. From hints I've found in the game so far to tiny details spotted in the trailers, here's everything we know about Apex Legends: Ascension.

What is the Apex Legends Season 7 release date?

The Apex Legends Season 7 release date is November 4. This gives you a few more days to complete outstanding challenges and claim your hard-earned rewards. Remember, once Ascension begins, it'll arrive with a fresh battle pass with new tiers and treats.

How much does the Apex Legends Season 7 battle pass cost?

Keeping previous seasons in mind, the regular Ascension battle pass should cost 950 Apex Coins ($9.99/£7.99). This usually unlocks a few Legend and weapon skins to help you get started. Then there are skins, emotes, Apex Packs, and more to continue working towards over the following weeks.

Respawn also, as ever, offers the battle pass bundle. This gives us a head start on getting the goodies in our inventories by unlocking the first 25 levels. Naturally, it doesn't come cheap at 2,800 Apex Coins. The cheapest way to pick up the battle pass bundle is by purchasing 1,000 Apex Coins and 2,000 Apex Coins separately for a combined total of $29.98/£23.98.

Apex Legends Steam: Respawn's battle royale game finally makes the jump

The new season also marks Apex Legends' launch on Steam. From November 4, all progress from your Origin account can be carried over. In fact, there are three exclusive Valve-inspired fun charms to claim by logging in:

  • Headcrab Runner Gun Charm
  • PotatOS Gun Charm
  • Wired Companions Gun Charm

Apex Legends Season 7 trailer

The Apex Legends trailers have come thick and fast over the past week, and we've already laid eyes on Horizon's story trailer, Ascension's launch trailer, and a gameplay trailer. If you're eager to see how a match on the new map may pan out, the trailer above should give you a good idea of what to expect. Not only do we get a good look at Olympus, there's a nice little preview of a couple of Horizon's abilities, and a glimpse of how the new hover cars will work.

Apex Legends new legend: Who is Dr. Mary Somers?

There's lots to learn about Apex Legends Horizon. However, here's a quick overview: Horizon, also known as Dr. Mary Somers, is an astrophysicist, and the newest legend to join the Apex Games.

Horizon was originally hired to solve an energy crisis, but as we learn in her 'Promise' episode in Apex Legends' Stories from the Outlands, her team betrayed her and left her for dead after she found the Branthium crystals they'd been searching for. She managed to return to Olympus 87 years later, but it wasn't in time to find her son, who she'd left behind when she embarked on the expedition. She seems keen to continue looking for him though, so I wouldn't be surprised if we see time travel become a reality in Apex Legends soon. For now, Horizon will be teaming up with the other Apex Legends in the arena. Here are her abilities:


  • Gravity Lift: Reverses gravity flow, lifting players upwards and pushing them outward as they exit.


  • Spacewalk: Increases air control and reduces fall impacts.


  • Black Hole: Deploy NEWT to create a micro black hole that pulls players in.

There's still time to meet Horizon ahead of her debut in Ascension. Launch Apex Legends and click on Challenges to complete her 'A Wee Experiment' objectives. 

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How about a new map?

We welcome a new character to Apex Legends every season, but it's not often that we have a fresh map. Ascension introduces Olympus, a utopian city that floats around in the clouds. Of course, utopias never quite live up to their lofty aspirations, and after an explosive accident occurred in the city's experimental research facility, a huge Phase Rift appeared in Olympus. It served as a tourist attraction until recently, when Hammond Robotics fashioned it into a new spot for the Apex Games.

The new map looks large, featuring lush green stretches and rocky walls with waterfalls. It oozes the characteristics of a floating utopian city with futuristic buildings, and leafy walkways, but it still has the industrial feel of an Apex map. Expect to dip into small buildings for gear, or brave larger hangars for more competition. I imagine we'll see a fair few open stretches between points of interest, but to make this more interesting Respawn has introduced a new vehicle with which to travel between zones.

(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment, EA)

Speed across Olympus in the Trident hover car

A large new map means we have a lot of exploring to do. Thankfully, getting around should be a little easier thanks to the new Trident vehicles. These hover cars can carry an entire squad, and it's even possible to use some legends' abilities while in motion.

The Season 7 gameplay trailer shows both Caustic and Gibraltar placing their tacticals on the Trident, so we'll be able to travel around with a Nox Gas Trap to stop others getting too close, or a Dome of Protection to temporarily shield ourselves from incoming fire. There's also a clip of Rampart using her Minigun while in hot pursuit of another hover car, so I think we can look forward to some exciting upcoming chases between squads as they race away from the circle.

Interestingly, it looks as though there are a few ramps on Olympus over which the vehicles can hover. In the trailer, a well-timed Arc Star manages to short out the vehicle just as it passes over the ramp, causing it to fall and explode. I'm curious to see how fragile the Tridents really are, and whether they require any fuel to get them started.

(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment, EA)

Join a Club

As if Respawn hasn't already squeezed enough into Season 7, it's also introducing Clubs. Clubs are a new social feature that make it easier to find others to play Apex Legends with. You can create your own Club with a name, logo, privacy settings, and tags that describe what kind of experience you're looking for. For example, if you're primed to hop into a serious session and want team-oriented players to join, you can specify that you want 'team players only' as a tag.

There's no pressure to create a club though, and you can simply join someone else's. Clubs will appear as a new tab at the top of the main menu screen when Season 7 launches. We'll be able to request to join others, and invite them to games using the Club menu. All Club happenings will be posted on the timeline, and Club Admins and Owners can even push notifications that'll appear for members when they launch the game. Dedicated members can work on earning badges, and there are different ranks through which to rise:

  • Grunt: Entry level rank. Able to chat to other club members and send and receive party invites. 
  • Captain: Talent scouts. Able to do everything a Grunt can do while also being able to invite new members. 
  • Admin: Responsible for reviewing complaints, promoting/suspending Grunts and Captains, posting announcements, and tweaking the Club settings.
  • Owner: The creator of the Club. Able to promote members to Admin status and kick any member. 
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