Apex Legends' next map embarks on an unseasonable summer holiday

The days are getting colder, the weather's getting grimmer, and the nights are fair drawing in. Winter is almost at our doorstep—except you wouldn't know it from Apex Legends' latest trailer, which takes our murderbuds on holiday for a bloody bit of fun in the sun.

Following a rather harrowing reveal for new legend Ash, the Apex Legends: Escape cinematic lightens the mood with a nice, relaxing beach trip. Surf's up, sun's out, and Fuse's shirt is firmly off, though we all know the good times won't last. What follows is a whirlwind tour of the next season's new map, a lush tropical island full of bugs, beasties and baddies, led by our brand new murderbot. 

Her killing spree across the jungle introduces us to her abilities, which pretty tightly map to those leaked ahead of her reveal. We see her use a thrown glaive to tether an opponent in place, while she later uses her sword to not only phase-dash across great distances—a nod to her Ronin Titan from Titanfall 2, which featured a similar ability—but also create a portal.

Early on, we also see her use a Pilot's data-knife (again from Titanfall 2) on a fallen foe, suggesting she'll be able to scan death boxes to find their absent killers. These abilities give the strong impression she'll be an absolutely ruthless hunter-killer, and the short doesn't shy away from painting her in that light. But hey, I'm sure her pet rat is lovely.

We'll get a better look at Ash's new abilities, the new map, and the new C.A.R. submachine gun ahead of release when the Apex Legends: Escape gameplay trailer drops on October 35. Season 11 itself is expected to arrive on November 2. Best be packing your sunscreen, if you've still any lying around.

Natalie Clayton
Features Producer

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