Apex Legends hits record Steam player count with 198,235 concurrents

Apex Legends Octane
(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Season 8 of Apex Legends has seen a boost in the two-year-old battle royale's player population. In February it enjoyed roughly 70,000 more concurrent players on Steam than the month before. As February draws to a close, SteamDB recorded it having a record-breaking peak player count of 198,235. 

Season 8 certainly seems to have struck a chord, whether due to Caustic seeing a resurgence and other changes in the Ranked meta, or the arrival of new legend Fuse, or the return of the popular King's Canyon map (with some tweaks), or some alchemical combination of other changes.

After arriving on Steam in November of 2020, Apex Legends has cemented its position in the platform's top 10 games. If you're thinking of getting into it, or need a few tips, here's our Apex Legends character guide.

Jody Macgregor
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