Apex Legends' flying city is getting a violent relocation next season

Olympus has been conspicuously absent from Apex Legends during Season 11. But while we're all excited to return to the fan-favourite floating city, it's looking a wee bit worse for wear in the new launch trailer for Season 12: Defiance. 

Earlier this week we were reintroduced to Mad Maggie, a tooth-spitting rebel who'll be joining the Apex Games in Season 12 next month. Today's Defiance launch trailer sees her add throat-tearing to that rather grizzly resume—but our hungry hungry anti-heroine isn't the only star of the coming season.

Respawn previously teased that Olympus, Apex's flying city and best arena, would be returning in an altered form. That form, as it happens, appears to be the result of plot shenanigans punting it across the galaxy and plummetting out of the clouds. Olympus now floats tentatively above a city sprawl, with teasers for the game's third anniversary showing lines of flying cars passing just underneath. While we don't get a good look at the overall shape of Olympus post-warp, it looks like the phase machinery that sent it there will likely become a new map location (replacing Rift, at a glance).

Apex has a habit of utterly blowing up maps with map changes, mind, and not always for the better. The last thing I want is for Olympus to go the way of World's Edge—I adore the map for its clean, sleek design and compact layout, so here's hoping it hasn't been too knackered by the trip—though those red skies and falling houses are giving me plenty cause for concern.

We do also get a hint at some of Maggies abilities, from a kind of dart gun that fires thermite through walls to what appears to be a Junkrat-style tyre she can send screaming at opponents (like poor Fusey here). We'll likely get more details next week, though fans have already noted that Maggie's key art does also look like she's about to launch the mother of all Beyblades.

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On that note, get ready to let 'er rip when Apex Legends Season 12: Defiance launches on February 8.

Natalie Clayton
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