You can finally meet Apex Legends' Crypto in-game

(Image credit: Electronic Arts/FrozenFroh)

Respawn started teasing Apex Legends' mysterious hacker, Crypto, all the way back in June, and while the developer remains tight-lipped when it comes to the new character, the latest tease suggests the build up to his reveal may soon reach its climax. He's finally in-game. 

Apex Legends players have been finding Crypto in Singh Labs, where he's doing what he does best: hacking stuff. On Reddit, FrozenFroh and many others are posting clips of them discovering the sneaky dude. You can get a closer look at what he's doing in the screenshot below. 

(Image credit: Electronic Arts/FrozenFroh)

Unfortunately, he runs off without saying anything, but it looks like he's using the teleporter, maybe to get to 'World's Edge'. Could that be a new map? A new area in the current one? Respawn's not giving anything away yet. 

Screens dotted around the map have changed once again, too. Last week, they started to display a progress bar showing an attempt to decrypt... something. The decryption is now complete and access has apparently been granted. Presumably Crypto fiddling around with the teleporter is related. 

With Season 2 coming to a close soon, expect to see more of Crypto in the next month.

Fraser Brown
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