Anthem has launched a Halloween event called Season of Skulls

(Image credit: EA)

Anthem is getting in on the Halloween festivities this year, which may come as a welcome surprise for players who have stuck it out with BioWare's troubled loot-shooter. The new Season of Skulls marks the end of the game's first Cataclysm event and the beginning of a new season.

During the Season of Skulls, players will find a newly redecorated Fort Tarsis, and new activities to participate in out in Anthem's open world. Arenas, which you can find in the Game Modes menu, challenge players to compete against increasingly tough waves of enemies.

New Anomalies are themed around Anthem's Freelancer, Arcanist, and Sentinel factions. You'll have to slug your way through more enemies here, eventually confronting a powerful boss.

The Season of Skulls events all reward players with crystals, which can be used to buy limited-time items and War Chests from Herschel's Hut in Fort Tarsis.

EA hasn't said how long the new season will last, but it's safe to assume it'll be around for at least the next month or so.