Anomaly 2 beta key giveaway - competitive lazery maze death!

"Tower Offence" is the term 11 Bit Studios invented to describe their 2011 man vs. machine lane attack game, Anomaly: Warzone Earth. Instead of planting towers to laser ordered waves of foes, you tailored convoys of attackers and funneled them down routes strewn with stationary alien pew-pew machines. Anomaly 2 will offer a prettier variation on the same idea, with an additional multiplayer mode lets two players mobilise forces against one another.

Build an amazeballs lazer maze! Kill your friends! For free! We have 2000 beta keys to give away. Read on for your chance to secure a key that's yours and only yours forever. Or at least until the beta ends at the start of May.

To enter, follow the link below and follow the instructions. The first 2000 entrants will go into a big list, and will receive a key via an email when the competition closes on Tuesday.

I would quite like to try Anomaly 2, if you please.

Find out more on the Anomaly 2 site or check out the trailer below. Here's our Anomaly: Warzone Earth review , if you're curious about how all this madness started.

Tom Senior

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