Anomaly 2 released on Steam, trailer shows mighty morphing tower dangers

Anomaly 2 thumb

The launch trailer for tower-offence strategy Anomaly 2 shows the benefits of robot morphing. Definitely "morphing", and not, say, "transforming". The difference being that Anomaly's robots are deadly to begin with, switching from one form of destructive tower-bothering mech to another, more destructive form. It makes more sense than spending the majority of your time as a tape player .

Developer 11bit Studios promise "over a million tactical combinations to build your squad," which you can grow and customise over the course of the campaign. Anomaly 2 also adds a multiplayer mode, pitting your on-the-ground squad against a more traditional tower-defence style player.

For the next week, you can grab Anomaly 2 at 10% off on Steam , with owners of Anomaly: Warzone Earth securing an extra 10% discount until May 31st. Alternatively, buying the game through the official Anomaly 2 site grants a bonus copy of Anomaly: Korea, ported from iOS to Windows for the first time.

Phil Savage

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