Anno 1800 announces Season 3 pass with beautiful teaser

Just four months ago, Ubisoft seemingly had no plans to release a third season pass for Anno 1800, at least according to comments made by brand manager Marcel Hatam at the time. But with the success of Season 2, the turns have tabled, and Season 3 has become a reality. The teaser trailer, which you can catch above, is completely devoid of info save for a 2021 release window, but it sure is pretty.

Just seeing the camera pan over sprawling cities is enough to make me want to get building again, and I'm sure that's exactly what Ubisoft intended. Some players, especially early adopters of the Complete Edition, which released this year, find themselves in the odd position of not having purchased a complete edition after all, but as Ubisoft themselves admitted, with each new DLC announcement, plans change.

Speculation on what could possibly be included has already started—many players are calling for an Asian region, while others are worried another region may make it difficult to keep on top of things. Improved land combat also sounds like a good option. A new era with modernised supply chains, as theorised by some people due to the trailer's title "Welcome home" sounds like another good idea, but also like a lot of work for a DLC.

If you haven't played Anno 1800 but are considering it, now is your time, not only because the game and season passes are currently widely discounted, but because you will likely funnel a lot of hours into the game getting acclimated to its size and wealth of options before new content arrives.