Andaseat Dark Demon gaming chair pictured from the front

Andaseat Dark Demon Series gaming chair review

The Andaseat Dark Demon Series offers a great blend of comfort and professionalism, while still keeping the gamer chic.

(Image: © Andaseat)

Our Verdict

After trialling the Andaseat Dark Demon Series gaming chair, we found it to deliver a wonderful balance between comfort, style, and functionality in a racing style.


  • Professional look
  • Lots of adjustment options for ergonomics including good cushioning
  • Very sturdy, even when laying back


  • Seat can feel a bit hard over time
  • Easy to accidentally alter arm rest positions

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Gaming chairs are kind of ridiculous. More often than not, they look like they belong in a futuristic toy race car rather than an office. The typical racer design, while cool with the right mindset, can leave a lot to be desired when it comes to comfort. So I was pleasantly surprised when Andaseat Dark Demon Series gaming chair proved to be a really solid mix of aesthetics and ergonomics.

Andaseat Dark Demon Series specs

Max rec. height: 139cm
Recline: 160°
Material: PVC Leather
Armrests: 4D
Colors: Black, black & red
Launch price: $399 (£300, $499 AUD)

The Dark Demon seat comes in the gamer stylings of black and red, or just plain black. The model I reviewed is plain black and it’s a really nice way to have a more professional looking and understated chair, while still rocking that pro gamer lifestyle and ludicrous product name. It’s a chair that doesn’t feel out of place for work or play, so you won’t be embarrassed by it in your Zoom calls.

The outer material is mostly PVC leather which also helps with that professional look. There was a very minor PVC smell which faded quickly and now isn’t noticeable at all unless I stick my nose right into the seat, which I only do on very special occasions. 

The material feels quite thick and high quality so I’ve never worried about accidentally piercing or damaging the exterior. It’s also nicely textured, doesn’t hold human or pet hair (or other hair?), and cleans easily. This finish does mean the chair can be a bit uncomfortable and sticky if you’re wearing shorts, especially on warmer days. But other than that it adds an executive look while maintaining comfort and practicality.

It’s a really nice blend between a dignified and functional office chair and a balls to the wall gaming unit.

The optional lumbar and head support pillows are made out of the same material and match the chair perfectly. They’re quite plush, but the PVC leather also gives them a fair amount of stiffness. Personally I really like the extra support on my lower back, which is also crucial to decent ergonomics. It has that sensation of digging in but without hard edges, and I enjoy that bit of added pressure. Of course, they’re completely removable too if that’s not your thing, and the chair still remains quite comfortable, especially across the back support.

The seat is also quite plush and firm, but from a comfort perspective I’d say it’s the weakest aspect of the chair. It’s certainly not bad by any means but I find that under my thighs notice the pressure over time. I think it’s a combination of the stiff material in the chair and perhaps even slightly feeling the bar underneath the foam in that area. Again, I don’t want to call it uncomfortable, it’s just the first place I notice tires in this chair.

Andaseat Dark Demon Series gaming chair pictured from the back

(Image credit: Andaseat)

The Andaseat Dark Demon Series gaming chair is also surprisingly well balanced. Set-up was fairly easy out of the box, but I was a little concerned as much of the chair seems to be held together with gravity and weight. The back lever allows you to put the chair right down flat, and honestly I was terrified of trying to lay on it. However, it holds really well. I can lay right back and the chair doesn’t even tilt. It took adding another person also actively pushing down on the chair with a fair bit of pressure to lift it of it’s wheels. 

I think barring any particularly wild nightmares, you could probably sleep on this thing if that’s your jam.

Sitting comfortably?

(Image credit: Secretlab)

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Once you’re done laying down you can use the lever controls to reposition the back for more productive use. The back won’t just fly up, which I personally prefer. Instead you can gently position it exactly where you want by pulling it back into place. It’s a little harder to use on the fly than the spring-loaded style, but it lets me really dial in where I want the back of the chair.

In other customisation options, the Andaseat Dark Demon Series gaming chair also offers 4D armrests. The downside is they’re hard plastic topped rather than padded, but are by no means uncomfortable. They can be raised quite high which is actually very comfortable for when you’re leaning back but still in a seated position and also allowed me to position them over the height of my desk. The controls also allow you to move them forward and back, closer and further away from your torso, as well as tilt. These are all great options but the tilt function can be easy to activate accidentally.

All in all I’m quite impressed with the Andaseat Dark Demon Series gaming chair. It’s a really nice blend between a dignified and functional office chair and a balls to the wall gaming unit. The overall quality and build feel really premium, especially for the price point at $399 ($499 AUD or £270 on sale in the UK), and there are tonnes of options so you can dial in the comfort to suit your needs. 

Of course, there may still be chairs in the price range that deliver better on one aspect of comfort, style, or functionality, but this really hits a nice balance between them all with minimal sacrifice.

The Verdict
Andaseat Dark Demon Series Gaming Chair

After trialling the Andaseat Dark Demon Series gaming chair, we found it to deliver a wonderful balance between comfort, style, and functionality in a racing style.

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