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And in other PC gaming news...

DC Universe Online

So, Duke Nukem forever has a release date. The shock-wave that occurred when the new was let loose shook the PC Gamer offices, leaving many of us stunned for extended periods of time. Although we are all pretty miffed that it's not scheduled for April 1, we can't deny that the new trailer is two-and-a-half minutes of glorious insanity.

Yet this monumental revelation hasn't stopped other gaming companies in their tracks, and there's still news to share. Get your daily dose of culture, random YouTube videos and other PC gaming news after the jump. *hits space bar*

And in local news, the PC Gamer team are attempting to create DC Universe characters. So far, we've got the names Editron and Webitron (nothing to do with webs or Spider-Man)(We're embarrassed that we've had to point that out). But who do you think Editron and Webitron are? What are their day jobs? Their secret identities? Their powers and skin-tight costumes? Let us know how you imagine these soon-to-be-legendary costumed crusaders in the comments!