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And in other PC gaming news...

He disapproves of you ignoring our round ups

PARADOX OVERLOAD! Hit the stabilisers! *phew* Today's press conference has meant the front page has been hit by a flurry of Paradox news, but of course the world won't stop for one company. While we've been working our fingers off, there have been plenty of other stories and links come up that we couldn't let slip through. We know you love a bit extra, so who are we to protest? Join us after a jump for today's round-up.

And in local news... no one has played anything. Whu... WHAT? Yes, it's true! No one here at PC Gamer has played anything. Tim's being slave-driving us to have up-to-the-minute coverage of the Paradox press conference, and we hope we've delivered. But what do you think, oh divine readers? For it is you for whom we write, and quite frankly we'd like to know if we're keeping you satisfied. So what did you think of our rapid-fire coverage of the Paradox Convention? Good? Bad? A resounding meh? Let us know in the comments!