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And in other PC gaming news...

We've wondered if there will come a time in Battlefield 3, as with Battlefield 2, when players become so amazing with fighter jets that there's no way they can be balanced. Based on the kill above, spotted by CVG , that time may be fast approaching.

Check inside for a selection of high flying, dogfighting PC gaming news.

  • EvilAvatar has spotted a Borderlands 2 studio interview.
  • A redditor has spotted Serious Sam DRM take two, forcing you to look up in the air and spin around.
  • IGN have noticed hints at a new Dead Rising game.
  • A post on the Paradox forums has new information on King Arthur 2's campaign map.
  • Supergiantgames say Bastion will be getting free DLC.

Are you a jethead in Battlefield? Or do you prefer to ground pound with the rest of us?