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And in other PC gaming news...

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When he isn't been dressing as Spock for our Star Trek themed Artemis feature , Graham has been playing Battlefield 3, and he picked up on a bit of slightly odd behaviour from one of his squadmates. Witness as the the man casually ambles through a wall before turning around and coming back as if nothing has happened. It's almost like he's saying "What? I was just breaking the laws of time and space, it's no big deal." It's the best kind of gaming bug, not particularly damaging to the experience, but really funny.

Check inside for a wall phasing selection of PC gaming news.

Update: EA have contacted us to let us know that the Darkspore issue has now been resolved.

  • Avalanche Studios have told Eurogamer that the rumours of Just Cause 3 being released next year aren't true.
  • Rock Paper Shotgun report that Darkspore has been taken offline by DRM failure. EA have kindly let us know that this issue has been resolved.
  • Dualshockers report that Peter Hines has been re-assuring Skyrim fans that yes, the game really does only require a 6GB install, and no, that doesn't mean it's light on content, just well compressed.
  • G4 have some (very short) footage of Saints Row 3's co-op mode, showing one player using an attack drone to clear a path for another.
  • CVG let us know that Dead Rising 2: Off the Record has released a 'Cyborg skills' DLC pack.
  • Gaygamer report on controversy emerging from the end ceremony at Blizzcon.
  • Shacknews say pre-ordering Trine 2 will get you beta access.

Have you fun into any bugs yet in Battlefield 3 readers? Are they funny or annoying?

Extra special bonus question: What did you think of our Star Trek impersonation ?