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And in other PC gaming news

space marine thumb

The Space Marine demo landed today, giving us the first crack at it's Ork stomping action. Thoroughly inspired, we've drafted a business case for power armour. We think having six foot shoulders will seriously improve our ability to bring your the best gaming news, and being able to stop an anti-tank round as important to reviewing games as it is to exterminating xenos. All hail the Emperor.

Check inside for a selection of heavily armoured PC gaming news.

  • Eurogamer has a release date and special edition bonuses for Serious Sam 3: BFE.
  • Nukezilla has compiled a list of quotes from Deus Ex 3 reviews about the game's terrible boss fights.
  • Rockpapershotgun say Steam is offering refunds on From Dust.
  • VG247 reports that Battlefield 3 will not allow home run servers.
  • Bohemia Interactive have put their games on Desura.

Now we need to decide what colour to paint our shiny new armour. Readers! What is the best Space Marine chapter and why?