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And in other PC gaming news...

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What's this? Tim and Rich talking to you via the medium of movie? Witchcraft! Since people enjoyed our video roundups at E3 we thought we'd try them out in the office when we're less tired. So here Rich and Tim do a have a quick chat about this week's stories. Think of it as something like our podcasts , only shorter and quicker to do. Let us know what you think in the comments.

We recorded this before PlanetSide 2 started dominating the news. Read about the first details here , see the announcement trailer here , and the first screens here . Planetside was incredibly ambitious in the first place and it looks like they're trying to do even more the second time around.

Check inside for the news Tim and Rich didn't chat about.

  • VG247 say Eve Online is coming to Japan in the Autumn.
  • World of Warcraft's recruit a friend bonus has been improved, now works all the way up to level 80.
  • You might have noticed Team Fortress 2 got updated , fixing some issues with the Uber Update .
  • VG247 have some Call of Juarez videos about the game's protagonists.
  • Eurogamer report that the Sims Medieval will get an expansion.
  • BluesNews report that Pro Cycling Manager 2011 has been patched. You can all rest easy.
  • GamesRadar reports that a Chinese insurance company is offering insurance policies on virtual items.
  • Gambit does a podcast interview with Ken Levine.
  • Eurogamer say there's a Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition patch coming on Monday to resolve issues some gamepads and keyboards are having.
  • BluesNews reports that a new Men of War game, Men of War: Condemned Heroes, has been announced.
  • Gamespot have 18 minutes of the Secret World gameplay.

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