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And in other PC gaming news...

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V has been announced! Here's what we know:


Okay, so no-one actually knows anything about GTAV, but that doesn't stop us from speculating wildly, so let's make up some crazy ideas:

  • GTAV: Concrete Misery continues the gritty realism of GTA4, and will be set in a pastiche of Baltimore in an obvious parody of The Wire.
  • GTAV: Foiled Again will return to the cartoonish roots of Vice City, and will see you play as a costumed supervillain. Reaching the highest wanted level will get you hunted down by Batman.
  • GTAV: Modern Warfare will be set in a middle eastern conflict. You play a corrupt soldier trying to ransack the town he is supposed to be liberating.
  • GTAV: Grand Theft Stagecoach will be set in the past, you play Jack the Ripper in Victorian London.
  • GTAV: Milton Keynes will be set in Milton Keynes. It will be as boring as that sounds.
  • GTAV: IN SPACE will be set IN SPACE.
  • GTAV: Retro City will be an isometric turn based strategy game. Fans will be outraged.

Check inside for a free roaming felonious selection of PC gaming news.

  • MLG interview GSL champion MMA. Other acronyms may also feature.
  • TechRadar say that Facebook has more gamers than Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony combined. I can only assume they're not counting all those people accessing Facebook on a Windows PC.
  • VG247 note that LA Noire costs twice as much in Australia as Europe and North America.
  • The BBC report that AI researcher and inventor of LISP John McCarthy has died.
  • Eurogamer say that The Secret World has 500,000 beta registrations.
  • Baba ba bababa

How about you readers? Where do you think GTAV will be set? Answers can be serious or ridiculous, it's your call.