An erotic Lovecraft game has been funded on Kickstarter

Lust from Beyond looks like Amnesia with giant alien vaginas. It's an erotic first-person horror romp inspired by the likes of Lovecraft and Giger, with a horny cult trying to open a door to a sex dimension. Typical cult stuff. Expect puzzles, corridors that look like xenomorph nests, and quivering, sentient cocks. Check out the Kickstarter trailer above. It's a bit NSFW. 

As a Victorian antiquarian plagued by visions of the aforementioned sex dimension, you decide to join the Cult of Ecstasy to figure out what's going on with your weird dreams. The cult seems to know how to have a good time, namely with orgies, but when that's not enough they decide to open the door to Cthulhu's sex pad. 

Though evocative of Amnesia, you'll actually be able to fight the monsters chasing you through the vagina tunnels, though you can still try to hide from them. I'm sure they just want a cuddle, though. 

Lust from Beyond is a standalone game, but it's also a sequel to Lust for Darkness, which had a nearly identical premise. A guy goes to a Victorian mansion and then finds himself hanging out in the same alien dimension we'll be visiting again. It looked interesting but James ended up just finding it childish. 

Such a juvenile, shallow fascination with sex makes Lust for Darkness hard to take seriously from the start. It fails to even attempt to explore the horrors of sexual trauma, anxiety, or taboos. Instead it banks on a simple apprehension with Doing It™ and the organs involved to get a rise out of its players, but its clumsy arrangement of story, themes, puzzles, and stealth are as flaccid and unfinished as I am right now.

The sequel was funded on Kickstarter in only ten days, though the developer was only looking for £8,000. Backers will get an exclusive demo within 24 hours, but there's no release date yet. The Steam page says "coming soon". 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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