An enormous space fish has been found in the Destiny 2 beta

For new PC players that might not know, it's long been a tradition to unravel secrets about the future of Destiny by doing what we know best: glitching through walls. What would Destiny 2's debut on the PC be without a discovery of our own? And hoo-boy, it's a biggun. Let's reel this one in. 

Reddit user XonVisniyr was diligently exploiting collision detection on the small slice of the Nessus overworld leading into the strike mission, when this popped into view. 

Quick spoiler warning: if you want Destiny 2 to stay a complete and total surprise, turn back now. Here be giant space fish. 

Curious, but also fairly unclear. Reddit user big-beetle came back with some better images from an unobstructed angle, positioning what appears to be some sort of massive whale-shark thing in full view. 

At first glance, it looks like a big cartoonish fish-shaped ship getting ready to swallow something big. We'll definitely know more once we can play through the final game in its entirety, so it could be a Cabal mothership of sorts, positioned over Nessus for easy access bombardment and domination.

But due to some pretty clear connections between a leaked PlayStation trophy description and some recently updated concept art, some players think our massive fish friend could have something to do with Destiny 2's as-yet unannounced raid. The trophy for completing the raid references "Leviathan" which are commonly known as large or powerful aquatic creatures, typically whales. And yeah, whales aren't fish, we know

I'm super into the idea of boarding a giant space whale and traveling to its center as part of a six-person raid to murder some space jerk (for those unfamiliar with the concept, here's why Destiny's raids are some of the best things to happen to first-person shooters). Hell, if there's not some kind of leg armor loot that directly references Ahab and gives you the inference of a peg leg, I'm out. 

We won't dig too deep into further connections here, but for those who want to know more about Destiny 2's piscine conspiracy, this nice Imgur post sums the findings and connections up nicely. 

Me, though? I think it's just a big fish monster and I'm going to shoot it. 

James Davenport

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