AMD's FX-8350 Black Edition processor is on sale for $90

AMD has us dreaming up a monster Threadripper configuration now that it has released information about pricing and a release time frame. However, if you're not looking to spend $799 on a processor and want to go in the complete opposite direction, and oldie but goodie is on sale across the web—the FX-8350 Black Edition.

Previously a fan favorite, the FX-8350 Black Edition (Vishera) is marked down at several places online, though none cheaper than Monoprice where it's listed for just $90 with free shipping. That's a 33 percent savings over its regular selling price, and it has vendors such as Amazon ($115) and Newegg ($120) beat.

The FX-8350 is an 8-core processor, sort of—it has 4 modules, each with 2 integer cores and 1 floating point unit, with resources being shared between modules. It is clocked at 4GHz to 4.2GHz and has 8MB of L2 cache and 8MB of L3 cache.

While outclassed by today's processors, the FX-8350 is still a peppy chip, and an intriguing solution at under a Benny. For a budget build, you could certainly do worse. Pair this puppy up with a decent graphics card and you can have yourself a pretty mean gaming PC without spending a fortune.

You can grab the processor on sale here.

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Paul Lilly

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