Nvidia and AMD raked-in over $25bn combined revenue in 2020

Nvidia and AMD profits are up by half since 2019
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A report from TrendForce (via Sweclockers) has AMD and Nvidia pegged as the strongest growing IC design companies out there, among the likes of Qualcomm, Broadcom and MediaTek.

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Word on the wire is that Nvidia has smashed out a 50 percent sales increase over last year, and AMD isn't far behind, having landed a 45 percent increase.

The figures are unsurprising when demand is surpassing supply so intensely. Everyone and their grandmothers has been trying to get their hands on GPUs throughout the pandemic. With powerful cards like Nvidia's RTX 3080, or AMD's RX 6800 XT being so sought-after and a GDDR6 shortage to deal with, there are struggles at all stages of the supply chain.

It's been a wild ride, with wafer production capacity for the top players supposedly booked up until 2024, then TSMC coming out and auctioning off a bunch of secret wafer capacity.

Intel is even dealing with the supply crisis by announcing two new fabs to expand its Octollio campus in Arizona, with plans to offer wafer capacity to the likes of AMD and Nvidia in these hard times.

Regardless of the current situation, it seems AMD and Nvidia are pulling through just fine without fabs of their own. So whether we will be seeing AMD and Nvidia chips manufactured by Intel is yet to be determined.

Unfortunately though, as TrendForce notes, "the shortage of foundry capacities is expected to persist throughout the year."

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