Ambitious space MMO Dual Universe has reached its Kickstarter goal

While many were underwhelmed by No Man's Sky's procedurally generated sprawl, it seems there's still an appetite for ambitious, universe-sized space games. Dual Universe is a sim which claims to marry a 'single-shard' MMO (ie, everyone's on the same server) with Minecraft – but it only takes a brief look at the game's footage to see that it could be more than that.

Developed by Novaquark, the game has met and exceeded its Kickstarter goal, coming in at €565,983 – well above its €500,000 needs. That doesn't mean crowdfunding has finished: if you want to contribute, you'll be able to do so directly, writes the studio on its website

And while the Kickstarter effort was impressive for an unfamiliar game and studio, not all of its stretch goals were reached. In particular, the "Construct vs Construct" goal wasn't met, but the studio writes that it plans to implement it anyway. "This won’t modify the schedule for the “Construct vs Construct” goal. We said it would happen in the first expansion or important patch of the game after the release, and this is still the case!"

Evan met with Novaquark in September, and came away impressed by what exists of the game thus far, and what the studio plans for it. You can read more of his impressions here. Here's a video showing off some of the tech:

Shaun Prescott

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