Amanita Design's next game is a sidescrolling platformer called Creaks

Czech indie studio Amanita Design is best known for brilliantly bizarre point-and-clickers like Samorost, Botanicula, and most recently, the laugh-out-loud funny Chuchel. Its new project looks to be quite a departure from that tradition. It's called Creaks, and it's a sidescrolling platformer about meeting your neighbors. 

Creaks is being developed by a new team at Amanita, headed by artist and designer Radim Jurda, with music by Scottish composer Joe Acheson, also known as Hidden Orchestra. Even so, I think it's fair to say that it looks and sounds very much like a proper Amanita game: Visually busy, exotically orchestral, and deeply weird. 

Details are obviously light at this point, but Creaks is expected to be out next year. Amantia dropped a few early screens that you can check out below. 

Andy Chalk

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