All Walls Must Fall adds 'Discrimination' and 'Toilet' stretch goals to Kickstarter

The "tech-noir tactics game" All Walls Must Fall is set in the Berlin of 2089 and tells the tale of an alt-future Cold War that never ended. The project easily hit its Kickstarter goal of €15,000 ($16,100) last month, and with just a handful of hours left in the campaign it's now trying to nail down a couple more stretch goals. The next one in line, at €35,000, is called "Discrimination," which aims to bring "more diversity to our NPC and player character cast." 

"Some eagle-eyed backers might have noticed that our current clubs are rather male-only. And is it me, or are there only one or two faces that repeat over and over? With this update we'll add many new body types, clothing styles and gender options for our cast of clubbers," developer Inbetweengames explained in a Kickstarter update.   

"But with diversity comes discrimination. Some clubs are pretty picky about their clientele, and enforce not only a dress code but also a certain level of superiority at the door. Some clubs might be for a specific sub-culture, and if you don't match, you're turned away. We'll add a line at the door of clubbers who want to get in, and if your agent doesn't fit, you might need to get on the guestlist first—or find another way inside." 

The "Discrimination" stretch goal will also add a new "Coat Check" room type to clubs, where you can store your heavy winter coat while you're busting a move on the dance floor. Other people will keep their coats in there, too—coats that may have interesting and useful things in their pockets. But to get them, you'll need to come up with the correct coat check ticket by successfully identifying and following their owners. The team also hopes to "eventually" add a second female NPC if the goal is hit. 

Making clubs and other crowded locales look "real" is a longstanding problem in videogames: Almost invariably, they're either really sparsely populated, or everyone in the crowd looks the same. In light of the apparent importance of the nightclub atmosphere to the game—"Everything happens on the beat of the music, so every beat of the music is like a really short turn which gets resolved simultaneously," studio co-founder Jan David Hassel said last month—I'd really like to see this goal met. 

If it is, the next one on the list, at €40,000, is "Toilets," which will add a new room type, the Janitor NPC, "Identity Swap" missions, and other "activities you would expect to be associated with those in a Berlin nightclub in 2089." Sounds like fun! The All Walls Must Fall Kickstarter comes to an end at 2 pm ET on April 19.

Andy Chalk

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