All of Titanfall 2's DLC maps and modes will be free

Rule 1 of maintaining a lively community in an online shooter: don't split the playerbase. After releasing three paid map packs for Titanfall, Respawn changed tack, abruptly making all its DLC free. It was partly to mark Titanfall's one-year anniversary, but it was also a shot in the arm for a dwindling player count.

Speaking to Samuel at EA Play, Titanfall 2's lead programmer Jon Shiring has good news for fans of playing with friends: all of Titanfall 2's maps and modes will be free.

"One of our lessons is we’re not gonna sell maps anymore," Shiring says. "All the modes and maps coming to Titanfall 2 after release will all be free."

Presumably, Titanfall 2 will try to sell us something—warpaints and camouflages are listed as Deluxe Edition bonuses—but it shouldn't get in the way of stomping the enemy with giant robots.