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Alkaizer is first player in the world to hit level 100 in Diablo 3's Paragon system

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Remember that feeling of excitement when you hit max-level in Diablo 3? It was a torturous recurring nightmare of deaths and tears, but you persevered until the end and were rewarded with a massive feeling of accomplishment and glory. Well that's baby stuff now. Your character is a baby, and Alkaizer is a god.

Blizzard added the Paragon system to Diablo 3 only a few weeks ago , adding a huge alternate advancement system that allowed players to grind to their heart's content and get some special perks for their effort, not the least of which is a fully capped 300% boost to your magic find stat. Alkaizer maxed out that system just a few days ago while livestreaming .

It's tough to conceive just how much XP Alkaizer needed to make that happen. The chart over at DiabloFans does a great job of representing the Paragon system XP reqiurements as a pie chart.

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TLDC (too lazy didn't click): Level 60 = 23 million XP. Paragon level 100 = 3 BILLION XP.

You can see all of the stats and gear of Alkaizer's Barbarian on Blizzard's Armory , but here are a few choice stats:

  • Killed 94,415 elites
  • 2,671 Strength
  • He has the full set bonus for the Immortal King's Legend set
  • He prefers a critical chance, movement speed, AoE-heavy build
  • His sword is one of the greatest things I've ever seen in my entire life

Now I don't know about you, but I'm starting to get a bit depressed about my own character at this point. But there's good news for me, and hopefully for you too: he only has a level one Jeweler in Hardcore mode, so at least I'm better than him at something !

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