Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer shows four storeys of war

[VAMS id="9aA3sDgO4h6Y6"]

I confess to almost writing Colon Marines here by accident. In a way, it makes sense when you consider that the tunnels that make up the Alien lair look a bit like a poorly lit long intestine. Time to file that in "best not thought about too much" parts of my brain and leave the CGI intro video above as a distraction while I make my escape.

If the rest of the game manages to capture the look of the film as well as this intro, then Gearbox' latest shooter could provide a reassuringly authentic take on the classic franchise. Aliens: Colon Marines is, like the most uncomfortable bowel movements, very late. It was due to arrive in Spring, it'll now hatch in Autumn. Our chests are bursting with anticipation. It could be awesome.

Tom Senior

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