AI War Ancient Shadows and patch 6.0 are almost here, have a trailer while you wait

The expansion of real-time indie 4X strategy, AI War, continues with the release of version 6.0 and the Ancient Shadows expansion tomorrow. AI War's spritely graphics seem impervious to ageing, thanks largely to the massive volume of lasers and sparkly explosions that embellish its massive space showdowns. Beyond the spectacle of the thing, AI War remains as complex and nerve-wracking as ever. The Ancient Shadows expansion will up the ante with bloody enormous capital ships can be improved with modular upgrades.

Ancient Shadows also adds extra alien races to barter with and laser in the face. Nine new ship classes, new map types and new music rounds off the package. Get the full details from the AI War: Ancient Shadows site and check out the new trailer below.

I was going to copy over the patch notes covering the updates from version AI War version 5.0 to AI War version 6.0, but then I noticed that they're SEVENTY THOUSAND WORDS LONG. You'll find them preserved on the AI War wiki if you fancy some light reading over the weekend. If you fancy trying AI War, you can download a trial version from the AI War site . TRAILER ALERT.

Tom Senior

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