After playing the demo for Say No! More I have discovered a devastating new power

(Image credit: Studio Fizbin)

A hulking businessman twice my size stands in my path, seemingly unfazed by my newfound powers. He laughs at my attempts to get him to move, so it's time to use my special charge-up attack. I hold down the space bar, gathering all my energy I can muster, and I unleash my attack with a single booming outburst that echoes throughout the office. "NO!" I shout and the giant is knocked off his feet and blown backwards through a glass window, glass and office supplies flying everywhere.  

Who knew that one small word could be so powerful? Say No! More certainly lets you know it. Described as an office adventure "no-them up" on its Steam page, Say No! More lets you run rampant around an arrogant office, destroying furniture and shattering your office worker's facades with your booming "No!" 

It's the first day of your new internship and your work associates have taken this as a sign to boss you about. Commands start flying left and right, demanding you photocopy documents, asking you to clean the coffee machine, and saying that you'll have to work overtime—you've not even sat down at your desk yet.

After being pushed around and having your precious unicorn lunch box stolen, a cassette tape appears on your desk. Listening to the tape teaches you how to overcome your shyness and how to say that magical word with confidence and style. After taking the first lesson with your super buff coach's support, you're ready to take on the office, dealing out generous lashings of 'No!' as you go.

You can change up your deliveries, switch to a cold, sassy 'no' instead of an anger fuelled outburst. If you've come up against a particularly tricky opponent, you can add a dose of laughter so they feel insecure or randomly clap in their face to make them awkwardly uncomfortable. 

Stomping around a stuffy office leaving a trail of chaos in your wake is understandably satisfying. Say No! More is a fun and frantic game that made me laugh out loud multiple times. 

Say No! More has a free demo available to download and play as part of the Steam Game Festival which takes you through the opening of the game. Developers Studio Fizbin says that the full game will teach you more powerful ways of saying 'no' and challenge you to make your way to the top of the corporate chain and slay the evil gang of CEOs.

I can't wait to play the full game. I'm still coming down from the high of shouting 'No!' at my crying boss as I reclaim my stolen lunch box. 

Rachel Watts

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