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Advance Wars has another 'spiritual successor' in this indie strategy game from Japan

The Advance Wars series is beloved by Nintendo fans, but for whatever reason it hasn't made its way into the company's rotation of sequels and remakes since 2008. Enter Japanese developer Area 35, who's taking advantage of the lack of arcade strategy games with Tiny Metal.

Out this fall, Tiny Metal is a 3D, isometric turn-based strategy game built on Unreal. It has a singleplayer focus, with a campaign that'll last up to 20 hours, according to studio CEO Hiroyuki Yura, but there'll also be one-on-one multiplayer. In the video above, I speak with Yura about the studio's approach to reviving the genre on PC, about the key differences between Tiny Metal and Advance Wars, and why low-spec accessibility matters to them.

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