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This external USB 3.1 SSD is rippling with RGB LEDs, because why the hell not

Adata SE770G RGB external SSD
(Image credit: Adata)

Not only does the new Adata SE770G SSD have the potential to be one of the fastest external storage solutions to date, it's also following suit with the (love it or hate it) RGB LED lighting trend. The USB 3.1 external SSD sports a classy, cube-patterned lighting effect, perfect for those looking to inject a little more colour into their mundane data-transference activities. It's unclear whether you'll be able to sync it with your other RGB LED-laden components and peripherals, though.

According to Adata, the new SE770G RGB external SSDs will be able to reach read speeds of up to 1,000, and write speeds of 800 Megabytes per second. That means it should, in theory, transfer a 10GB 4K movie in around 20 seconds. If these numbers are true, it may be in the running to secure a place on our best external hard drives list. 

But, we'll have to see about that if we ever get our hands on one.

To achieve these kinds of speeds, Adata has utilised speedy USB Type-C connectivity. So, you're going to need at minimum a USB 3.1, Gen2 port on your machine, otherwise you won't be able to maximise its potential. And, for those looking to get their hands on a PS5 or Xbox Series X or S, the SE770G should be able to hook up to your new console, or even your old consoles, no problem.

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Given the growth in game install sizes, both on PC and consoles, having some speedy plug-and-play external storage could well come in handy in the months and years to come. The SE770G will be available in 512GB or 1TB sizes, and with a limited 3-year warranty, but there's no word on pricing, as of yet. You can keep an eye on the Adata store if you're interested, but so far it looks like it's only out in Taiwan. 

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