We're drooling over Acer's new 144Hz 4K monitor with both HDR and G-Sync

Shopping for a monitor can be tough, especially if you're picky. It didn't used to be that way—a top of the line panel was any of a handful of available 30-inch IPS monitors with a 2560x1600 resolution. The monitor market has grown up since then though, so finding one that gives us everything we want isn't easy. Acer's new Predator X27 comes as close as we've seen.

On paper, the Predator X27 seems to have found a great balance between image quality and speed. At the very least, it is the first 4K monitor with HDR support running at 144Hz. It also supports G-Sync for smooth game play with compatible Nvidia GeForce graphics cards and GPUs.

If it's brightness you crave, the Predator X27 is rated to hit 1,000 nits courtesy of 384 individually controlled LED zones. Most monitors offer a brightness level of between 250 and 350 nits.

Beyond the brightness level, Acer says its panel offers up 99 percent coverage of the sRGB color space. It also features Quantum Dot enhancement film technology, 178-degree viewing angles, Nvidia's ULMB (Ultra Low Motion Blur) technology, and Tobii eye-tracking technology.

In short, this could be the monitor that many gamers have been waiting for, depending on price—Acer hasn't said how much this bad boy will cost.

Acer also announced the Predator Z271UV. This one features an 1800R curved panel and a 2560x1440 resolution. It also features the same native 144Hz refresh rate that can be overclocked to 165Hz.

Other goodies include a 3ms response time (1ms with overdrive), a "ZeroFrame" bezel, and two 7-watt RMS speakers.

Paul Lilly

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