A Total War Saga: Troy sets sail for a 2020 launch

(Image credit: Sega)

Whether you picked up a taste for ancient Greek warfare from Assassin's Creed Odyssey or just have a hankering for a fresh Total War battlefield, you've got plenty of polished shields and bronzed bodies on the horizon. Today, Sega officially unveiled A Total War Saga: Troy, the latest in the historical strategy series, and continuing the Saga side-series of smaller games more focused on a single notable conflict.

While the previous Saga game—Thrones of Britannia—tackled messy conflicts across our dour and dreary isles, Troy has its eyes fixed on the sun-kisses coastlines of Greece. Creative Assembly are taking a larger-than-life look at the Hellenic Wars, reminding me of the duel-heavy, hero-driven Romance mode from Total War: Three Kingdoms. Take a peek at Hector and Achilles beating ten shades out of each other in the debut trailer below.

And here's a first look at the campaign map. 

While the Iliad is packed with monsters, gods and weirdness, Troy will be taking a slightly more historical look at the era. There'll be big historical and legendary figures leading nations and trading blows on the battlefield, but Zeus probably won't be casting any thunderbolts down from Olympus. The gods still play a role, however, with leaders trying to appease them in the hopes of a more favourable outcome in a battle (or a battle of words). And there's a dude dressed up a minotaur.

There's no hard release date for A Total War Saga: Troy, but it's definitely not out this year. CA and Sega are aiming for a 2020 launch. In the meantime, you can keep tabs on the game and ogle a few more screenshots on its Steam store page. Fraser's also taken an early look at it, so check out our A Total War Saga: Troy preview. For even more details, pick up the latest issue of the magazine. 

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