A Total War Saga: Troy says screw it, have mythological monsters after all

Three griffons flying above an army in A Total War Saga: Troy
(Image credit: Creative Assembly)

In the most recently announced piece of DLC for A Total War Saga: Troy (titled Mythos), the strategy game about the Trojan War takes an unexpected turn: we get mythical monsters now.

To be clear, a lot of games set in this time period (or thereabouts) go there—we see the Bronze Age mediterranean, and we start looking for hydras—but Troy prides itself on exploring the potential realities behind the myth and legends of the era. Even to the degree where it explored the concept of the minotaur as a very big guy with a very big axe. The necessary counterpoint, however, is that those griffons look very cool.

It's likely a move to bring in new players who aren't already into Total War, and it's not strictly a bad one. The trailer is a who's who of Greek myth monsters, giving us hydras, griffons, and a fire-breathing Cerberus (a far cry from the the other videogame rendition of the dog, it has to be said).

The Mythos DLC for A Total War Saga: Troy will be available on the 2nd of September.