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A Tale of Two Worlds: a smart puzzle-platformer channelling The Longest Journey and Trine

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In this clever student game project (opens in new tab) from Ahmed Majdoubi and co, you're trapped between the twin worlds of magic and technology - and as everyone knows, those two don't exactly get along. While A Tale of Two Worlds (opens in new tab) ' premise reminds of The Longest Journey, the platforming is pure Trine, all jaunty fairytale music and cube-manhandling. The neat twist is that its two worlds are represented on the screen at the same time; you can even drag the border around with the mouse. AToTW's currently in development, but there's a browser-based alpha version you can play right now (opens in new tab) . And you should.

As IndieGames (opens in new tab) report (thanks, IndieGames!), there should be a longer version of the alpha released in a couple of days - but there's plenty to enjoy in the meantime. AToTW is a submission to the French newspaper Le Monde's 'Hits-Playtime' competition - best of luck to the team.

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