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A new Total War Saga is in development

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In a recent studio update, Creative Assembly confirmed that a new Total War Saga is in development and will be announced later in the year. The Sofia studio is once again at the helm, though it's also working on other projects. Details are slim, but it's apparently passed its first milestone. 

Sagas are, in concept, pretty neat. They're focused Total Wars that cover a briefer time and smaller place, such as Alfred the Great's wars against the Danes in Thrones of Britannia. It's something Creative Assembly experimented with back in expansions like Napoleon and Fall of the Samurai, both of which were series high points, though the first saga left something to be desired. 

Thrones of Britannia ended up being bold and fast-paced at the start, but quickly found itself in a lull with boring adversaries and a rapidly shrinking list of threats. It reconsidered a lot of Total War mainstays, however, so I'm still looking forward to what future sagas change. 

Elsewhere in the update, Three Kingdoms' new auto resolve option is unveiled. It's completely predictive now. If you saunter up to a general, start a fight and get told you'll win a decisive victory, you are guaranteed that decisive victory if you hit auto resolve. 

A new Lord Pack DLC for Warhammer 2 is also in the works, along with some unique features for the original Warhammer races, which you'll be able to take advantage of in both Warhammer 1 and Mortal Empires. 

The fantasy team's in pre-production for its next project—I assume Warhammer 3—and mocap performances are being recorded. The time between the first and second Warhammer games was just over a year, but it looks like the gap between the second and third will be a bit longer. 

Fraser Brown
Fraser Brown

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