A new Dead Island game may be on the way

Dead Island 2

If the Australian Government's videogame classifiers have it right, we may soon be hearing about yet another installment of Dead Island-branded zombie-splattering good times. The classification site recently listed a new game called Dead Island Retro Revenge, which it slapped with an “M” rating for bloody violence and online interactivity.

Australia's game rating site doesn't serve up quite the same kind of joyously juicy details as our ESRB, but it does indicate that the game is being published by Koch Media, the parent company of Deep Silver, and that it's being developed by Empty Clip Studios. Empty Clip created the Rapid Fire Engine used in Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine, did an “end-to-end port” of Bit.Trip Core, and also developed the 2012 indie hit Symphony. Last summer the studio announced that it had begun work on a sequel to Symphony entitled Symphony Worlds, which is expected to be out early this year.

2015 wasn't a very good year for the Dead Island franchise: Dead Island 2 was delayed and then lost its developer, and the Dead Island: Epidemic MOBA was shut down in October before it even had a chance to get out of Early Access. Hopefully 2016 will go a little more smoothly. I've contacted Deep Silver for confirmation, or at least a spot of clarity, and I'll update if I receive a reply.

Thanks, Destructoid.

Andy Chalk

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