A liquid cooled power supply sounds like a terrible idea, but it exists

When considering the best power supply unit for PC gaming, cooling is one of the considerations, but one thing that is not on our checklist is liquid cooling. Don't tell that to FSP. The PSU maker has been cranking out liquid cooled PSUs for a few years now, and they are selling well enough that it just released a new 850W model.

FSP created its new Hydro PTM+ 850W in collaboration with Bitspower, which makes all kinds of liquid cooling equipment, including full-length waterblocks for graphics cards. In this case, the PSU features an integrated liquid cooling solution to keep it cool and quiet.

The back of the unit has G1/4-inch connectors to accommodate both hard and soft tubing. If running liquid through the PSU (*shudder*), the peak power usage bumps up to 1,000W. It also negates the need for the fan to run, making the PSU virtually silent.

"Below a load of 425W, no additional cooling is necessary, from 425 to 850W a smart fan solution is engaged for low noise and optimal performance. Finally, when the liquid cooling solution is connected and engaged, performance is increased up to 1000W, making the Hydro PTM+ 850W the most efficient 1 Kilowatt PSU available," FPS says.

That's all well and good, but woe is the user who springs a leak. Of course, that can happen to disastrous effect on a liquid cooled CPU, motherboard, or graphics card. Still, pumping coolant inside a PSU seems a bit riskier in the grand scheme of things, but hey, to each their own.

RGB lighting is also part of the package, and so is 80 Plus Platinum certification. All of this comes at a cost—the MSRP is set at $399, which is much higher than most 850W (air cooled) models.

Paul Lilly

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