A House of Many Doors is now open for business

In an alternate universe, dimension-hopping RPG A House of Many Doors released on September 24 2016. Also, Hillary is president, Toblerones have maintained their correct proportions, and we can buy as much damned lettuce as we please. We are not in that universe, unfortunately, and in this one A House of Many Doors was pushed back to February 3, or 'yesterday' as it's also commonly known.

AHOMD is a "2D exploration RPG that takes inspiration from Sunless Sea, China Mieville, Planescape: Torment and Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities". It "features over 300,000 words of branching original story and over 770 trillion bad poems", while offering romance options with, among other entities, an oil rig and "ten million crows". It sounds neat, doesn't it? Even if a few of the (Steam) reviews have marked it down for technical issues.

You can grab AHOMD on Steam here, or via Humble and Steam here if you prefer. Here's a trailer:

Tom Sykes

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