A great cheap webcam for streaming is back in stock and on sale

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Amazon has just restocked Logitech webcams like the C920x, currently on sale for only $60, which means your rise to streaming stardom starts now. More importantly, you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to look halfway decent. 

More than two years into the pandemic, sitting in front of a webcam has become a daily part of most of our lives. If you haven't made the jump to a dedicated camera at this point, this is a good opportunity. 

The C920x usually sells for around $75-$80, depending on where you look. Amazon is even throwing in a three-month license for premium streaming software, XSplit, free of charge.

If you have terrible lighting, you can spring for the bundle that includes the webcam and an LED streaming light for $120 which should help give you a more flattering appearance. 

Logitech C920x | 1080p | 30fps | 78 degree FOV| $79.99  $59.99 at Amazon (save $10)

Logitech C920x | 1080p | 30fps | 78 degree FOV| $79.99  $59.99 at Amazon (save $10)
One of the most reliable webcams for streaming is back in stock and it comes with a free three-month license for XSplit. It works well in a low-light environment which means you can produce a good-looking stream in just about any poorly-lit room.  

The webcam itself shoots in 1080p at 30 fps and has a FOV of 78 degrees which means you can fit a lot of room into the frame. It's one of the main reasons many workplaces use the C920 webcams in conference rooms.

The picture quality alone is worth picking the C920x and how well it works in low/poor lighting conditions. More seasoned streamers might be turned off by its 30 fps cap and the notoriously bad built-in microphone. Though, you really should be using one of these recommended microphones for your streams anyway. 

While the C920X isn't on our best webcam list, we do love its cousin, the C922. The only significant difference is that C922 has an ever wider FOV of 90 degrees, making it a bit more expensive. 

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