A Game of Thrones MMO announced, from the creators of Battlestar Galactica Online

Game of Thrones MMO

The publishers of Battlestar Galactica Online have teamed up with HBO to create a browser-based Game of Thrones MMO. It's built in the Unity Engine by ArtPlant , the same team behind Battlestar Galactica Online's 3D space battles. It's due to tie in with the Game of Thrones TV show, the second series of which is set to kick off in April.

Details are scarce at the moment. There's a Game of Thrones MMO website bearing the insignias of the three central warring factions, Lannister, Stark and Baratheon. You can sign up there to receive more information as it's announced. It'll be shown privately at GDC next week as well, but until then the screenshot above is all we have to go on.

It's worth mentioning that this Game of Thrones MMO is entirely unconnected to the Game of Thrones, RTS, A Game of Thrones: Genesis , or upcoming Game of Thrones RPG from Cyanide . If only there was a way to send Cyanide and Bigpoint to King's Landing to play a game of thrones for the right to develop Game of Thrones. Hopefully the MMO can capture some of A Song and Ice and Fire's delicious sense of political intrigue. We'll know more in a week or two.

Tom Senior

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