A CG Resident Evil series about Claire and Leon is coming to Netflix

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There are currently three adaptations of Resident Evil in the works. There's a reboot of the movies, being directed by Johannes Roberts. There's a live-action Netflix series about "the Wesker kids" moving to "New Raccoon City" (opens in new tab). And now there's Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, a CGI series also coming to Netflix, but one that seems to be hewing a little closer to the canon of the series.

As the teaser shows, it features Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy, a spooky old house, and zombies. It looks much more in line with Capcom's three CG movies starring Leon (RE: Degeneration, RE: Damnation, and RE: Vendetta), and shares their producer, Hiroyuki Kobayashi.

Infinite Darkness will run for eight one-hour episodes, and is coming to Netflix in 2021. Meanwhile, the next Resident Evil videogame is in the works as well. Here's everything we know about Resident Evil Village (opens in new tab).

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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