AVermedia AM350

AVerMedia Live Streamer MIC 350 Microphone Kit

AVermedia's premium mic does everything a premium mic should while looking good.

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Our Verdict

A well-designed microphone that's built to last. Its many intelligent design features give the microphone a lot of versatility for a content creator.


  • Lots of features
  • Great design
  • Built to last


  • Unreliable software
  • Pricey

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AVermedia is perhaps more well-known to gamers as the company that makes capture cards that isn't Elgato, but it has been quietly making some really popular streaming gear for a while now.  And now a part of me is annoyed its webcams and microphones didn't appear on my radar until now, because this latest mic is genuinely really, really good. 

The Live Streamer Mic 350 (or the AM350) is AVermedia's latest premium USB condenser mic and aims to bridge the gap between novice to pro streamers and podcasters. It's a significant improvement over the AM310 microphone, offering enhanced features and richer sound, all without needing an expensive audio interface and XLR mic. Though it is worth stating that there are some impressive budget XLR mics available right now, like the Elgato Wave DX.

The AM350 boasts an appealing black all-metal design with a split-cylindrical look that exudes a futuristic vibe. The red-accented trim at the top adds a touch of style without going overboard. However, it took me a moment to realize it actually isn't an RGB light ring. The included stand is stable and well-built, unlike the precariousness of the Audio Technica 2020+ stand. And that means it's reliable enough to produce quality audio without a boom arm. 

On the front of the mic, you'll find gain and mix controls, while the bottom houses a headphone jack, USB Type-C port, and a switch between cardioid and omnidirectional modes. I prefer these sorts of physical knobs and buttons on sound equipment over capacitive buttons. Touch buttons can be finicky during recording like you'll find on the HyperX Quadcast S, or the touch slider on the Shure MV7.

AM350 Microphone Kit specs

Avermedia AM350

(Image credit: Future)

Polar patterns: Cardioid, Omnidirectional
Connectivity: USB
Recording Sample Rate: 24-bit 96kHz
Frequency response: 20–20,000Hz
Features: Headphone level control, Mix control, Mute, gain control, shock mount, pop-filter, headphone jack
Price:  $200

The dual microphone operates in two pickup patterns: cardioid and omni modes. Cardioid, common in USB mics, captures sound directly in front of the AM350, while omni mode picks up sounds from all directions. This is ideal for roundtable discussions with multiple speakers or for creating ASMR content.

Avermedia says the AM350 is the first USB condenser microphone to utilize Dirac for sound optimization—a technology that enhances vocals, similar to what's found in JBL sound systems. This means your voice will sound polished without extensive adjustments on your part.

While the Shure MV7 Podcast microphone remains the top choice, the AM350 certainly holds its ground. As evident from the recording, my voice came through loud (sometimes a touch too loud) and clear, with minimal plosives. However, be mindful of your levels on this mic, as they can spike significantly when you raise your voice. This quality benefits soft-spoken individuals.

Buy if...

✅ If you need a versatile mic: Two pickup patterns, and tons of customization settings, the 350 gives you a lot to tweak and control  

Don't buy if...

If you're looking for a deal: The microphone right now is sold as a kit for $200, and if you want the boom arm, get ready to pay nearly $400.   

The Elgato Wave 3 closely rivals the AM350 regarding sound quality and the Avermedia mic's customization options compare well against the hybrid XLR Shure MV7 microphone.

The Avermedia VibeEngine app is, at best, entirely adequate regarding customization software, though I had a few crashes when playing with the noise reduction settings. Often, I've found it easier to fine-tune the mic using other third-party apps. Fortunately, the AM350 sounds excellent right out of the box, reducing the need for extended time in the app.

The only problem is that the AM350 mic is sold in a kit (which includes the microphone, pop filter, and shock mount), which costs $200. If you want the bundle that includes the boom arm, that'll cost you $380, nearly double the microphone kit's cost. That's a big upfront charge when your existing boom arm will serve you just fine. That said, it's still a quality boom arm, and you won't be disappointed if you decide to drop the coin.

AVermedia did clear up some things about the bundle. The mic will be sold separately for $200, and the kit that includes the shock mount and pop filter is basically a special promotion for the launch. It's still pretty pricey, but the bundle is actually a pretty nice deal. 

Whatever, the Avermedia Streamer Mic 350 is still a well-crafted premium microphone with great sound quality. Its two pickup patterns offer more versatility than other microphones in the $200 price range. While it might not match the sound quality of the very best, it excels in user-friendliness and ease of setup.

The Verdict
Avermedia Live Streamer Mic 350

A well-designed microphone that's built to last. Its many intelligent design features give the microphone a lot of versatility for a content creator.

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